Since it was founded in 2007, ASG Homes has built a track record of success in Germany, making inroads in the Spanish market in 2003 when it set up a local team in Madrid. At ASG Homes, we ar firmly committed to creating unique housing complexes that combine the highest quality standards with a meticulous, singular design, creating in this way, real value for all the parties concerned.


ACTIVUM is a real estate company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. We offer real estate services to the main Platforms, Investment Funds, Private Investors and Promoters in Spain. We specialize in marketing and selling real estate assets, with branches in 16 spanish provinces. · 680 599 699


Grupo Eneseis develops intelligent and sustainable architecture since 1998, adapting to the real needs of their clients in Alicante.



Weplan is a multidisciplinary studio of professionals managed by Ildefonso Rodríguez Moreno.

Our main field of production is architectural communication. We manage a brand communication agency to tightly gather design, architecture, cinema and the latest trends in graphics multimedia in order to develop different and innovative audiovisual projects.


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